For 30 years, Addis has collaborated with companies that elevate the role brand plays in the world.

In an era of great economic and social change, we help companies shape the future of business and become the most meaningful brands of our time.

What We Do

Our work spans upstream brand creation to downstream marketing. We value every interaction with our clients’ audiences whether it’s a 30 second spot, a digital campaign, package design, brand name, or website. For some brands, we may be their primary agency, integrating all touch points. For others, we do recurring projects when they have a particular challenge to solve. We built the entire Verlasso brand for Dupont/Aquachile from the ground up while focusing on how to position the data analytics startup, Guavas, as the brand that enables companies to be decisive. We gave Shutterfly its name, Popchips its positioning, and Revolution Foods its corporate and brand identity. We helped Kashi grow six-fold, have introduced startups to funding sources and, from time to time, we even invest in the form of work for equity.

Our clients are purpose-driven and thrive on making a positive impact on their industry and on people’s lives. They create shared value to create greater brand value. And they make life better.

Our Approach

We’re an independent agency so we are beholden only to our team and to our clients, not some far off ad network. Our approach is to deploy a core team on each assignment. In addition to that team, we leverage an array of collaborators chosen specifically for the specialized needs of the task at hand. This allows us to quickly move between capabilities and react to the dynamic realities of our client’s business. The one constant is putting brand strategy at the center of all our work. A clear and compelling strategy informs all creative and tactical work.

Core Team

We are a group of refugees from the client side, huge branding firms, and ad agencies–all that want to do work that matters. Our core team works on all our accounts while also pulling in copywriters, producers, designers, and idea-generators to respond to the full integrated marketing mix of our clients.

Steven Addis


Steven sees how strategic design reflects and changes the world around us. As a photographer, film buff, and brand expert, he knows the power of a well-chosen idea. He created the kind of agency he would want to work with when he was client side —one that’s collaborative and conscientious, and that can tell a great story.

Steven is also a seasoned traveler and supporter of the arts. He serves on the boards of the UC Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive and MapLight, and never misses a year of the annual TED Conference (where he spoke in 2012) or the Telluride Film Festival. Steven is also a longtime member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

Nearly 30 years in branding. Clients include Kashi Foods, GE Healthcare, 24 Hour Fitness, Blue Shield, Sephora, Williams Sonoma, Lego, UC Berkeley, Planned Parenthood, Caesars Palace, Pepsi, Shutterfly, BriteSmile, SHN, and Safeway. Formerly at The Clorox Company. Graduate of UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Mark Galbraith


Mark is a champion of brand communications partnerships. He engages with courageous brands to realize their business potential. Making a positive impact on a client’s bottom line and improving our community as a whole don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Mark says that, contrary to popular belief, you can never live in Northern California for too long. There’s the perfect balance of nature and people here, and he is proud to admit that he cares deeply for both.

Seven years in branding. Formerly at Young & Rubicam and marchFIRST. Clients include 7UP, Chevron, Apple, Virgin Atlantic, Ford, and nonprofits such as the Trust for Public Land, the Brady Center for Handgun Violence, and Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis. BA from UC Berkeley.

Joanne Hom


Joanne tells stories through the medium of package design. She’s a world traveler who loves examining the food offerings of different countries. For Joanne, looking through the packaged goods aisles of local markets is akin to a museum visit.

Anything from billboards to graffiti to scribbles on a page can spark Joanne’s creativity. She recognizes the impact that great design has on improving the world and is constantly inspired by the visionary businesses that embrace sustainable ideas and products.

A founding member of Addis. Over 28 years of brand creation experience. Clients include the Kashi Company, SF Food Bank, Annie’s Homegrown, and Serves on the board of the Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley. BFA in graphic design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Stacey Olson

Digital & Motion

Stacey engineers solutions to digital challenges. The dictionary defines the word fulcrum as “one that supplies capability for action.” As the pivoting point for all digital projects, Stacey does just that—and manages to keep a sense of humor.

Stacey is also a Certified Natural Chef trained at Bauman College in Berkeley. As a central hub at Addis, she perpetuates positivity through everyday compassion for those around her, which often takes the form of delicious food.

Over 15 years in branding. Formerly at SF Interactive, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, and Peñabrand. Clients include Pottery Barn, 24 Hour Fitness, 2K Sports, Agency partners include Wieden+Kennedy, Venables Bell & Partners and BBDO West.

Jonathan Fisher


Jonathan likes things to be a certain way; he doesn’t settle. Having an engineer as a father and a mother who considers herself a perfectionist has taught Jonathan to be analytical and meticulous. “It is important to know how to do something, but it’s equally important to understand why.”

Jonathan is drawn to the shared vision of doing more than simply creating great work for clients. He sees each day as an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Over 17 years of design and production experience. Formerly at Landor Associates, Bulldog Drummond, and Parker White. BA in Advertising Arts with an emphasis in Art Direction and Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California, San Diego.

Bob Dow

Resource Management

Bob is a technology ninja. After wandering around the country testing out his skills at different jobs, his interests and experience coalesced around people, creativity, technology, and a desire to make the world a better place. His personal work philosophy is simple: Put good tools in the hands of smart, talented people and support their creative output as much as possible.

Bob loves to work with his hands, reads voraciously, and is passionate about art, ideas, design, and problem solving. 

Seventeen years supporting creatives. Formerly worked for Linde Group in Berkeley as a consultant to AKQA, CKS Partners, Cobalt Law, Viz Media, Genentech, and Robert Half. Is one of the co-founders of OMBU, a face-to-face mobile sharing platform start-up.

Tyler Anderson


Tyler thinks great ideas can come from anywhere. With a background in qualitative and quantitative research, Tyler develops strategies built on facts and inspired by possibility.

Originally from Ohio, and after six years in the San Francisco, Tyler is still discovering the all unique experiences the Bay Area has to offer.

10 years in branding. Formerly at Landor and Interbrand. Key clients include HP, Yahoo!, P&G, Waste Management, AECOM, and 7-Eleven. BA from Miami University in sociology and graduate studies in sociology at University of Cincinnati.

Our Clients

We’re here to work with people who are passionate about what they make and where we can share in that passion. So, while you’ll see deep experience in our portfolio in consumer products and B2B tech brands, we don’t aspire to an industry focus. Rather, the best fit for us is when we share our clients’ values. Our clients make the world better and have the courage to reach beyond the usual suspects for a firm that brings a fresh counterpoint to a sea of sameness.

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