22 Aug 2013

New York Times Article: Revolution Foods Takes On Lunchables

Until now, there have been Lunchables and, well, Lunchables.

The Kraft Food Group’s Oscar Mayer brand created the concept of prepackaged lunch meals for children in 1988 and has effectively owned that business ever since, with sales accounting for 76 percent of the small but lucrative $1.35 billion niche product category, according to IRI, a market research firm in Chicago.

But starting this month, some grocery refrigerator cases will be adding a new competitor, Revolution Foods Meal Kits. [...]

20 Jun 2013

Addis Creson four-legged friends featured in Take Your Dog To Work Day article.

The American workplace is going to the dogs. Or rather, the dogs are going to the American workplace.

Friday is the 15th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. And here in the pet-crazed Bay Area, the local canine contingent is expected to descend upon Internet startups, nail salons, auto-body shops and all manner of job sites as part of a yapping, shoe-chewing, scraps-begging trend that shows little sign of being curbed. [...]



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