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Green Employer Council

The Green-Collar Jobs Campaign is a program of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. The campaign seeks to lift people out of poverty by creating employment opportunities and providing job-readiness training in the green industry. Part of the campaign, the Green Jobs Corps’ training program, benefits from the insights of the Green Employer Council—a group of visionary leaders in the new sustainable economy.

We were asked to create an identity for the Green Employer Council that would serve as a symbol of pride and membership for council participants. The mark that we designed expresses the unity of the group, their aspirations, and the cycle of investment in people, community, and the environment.


From the Client

“Addis designed an inspiring logo for our Green Employer Council that speaks powerfully to their commitment to prepare Oakland Green Jobs Corps trainees for good-paying, green careers. Their process also helped us greatly in our thinking about our vision.”

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