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Chevrolet Introduces “Find New Roads” Slogan

Is Chevrolet’s new slogan, “Find New Roads,” an imperative for us, or them? Are we to find new destinations, or is Chevy sharing its own self-conscious brand mantra following their 2009 federal bailout and bankruptcy reorganization? Given the expansion into new markets, it appears to be the latter. The new line doesn’t have the same optimistic vigor or clarity of “See the USA in Your Chevrolet,” which it harkens back to. The slogan is encouraging at first but ultimately rings hollow. I imagine American consumers wandering away from Chevrolet on their “new roads” while the company itself finds new avenues to profitability. Does Chevy still run deep in American culture? With this slogan, it seems to be straying away.

Read the Los Angeles Times article here.

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