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Why should I hire Addis for naming rather than a naming-only firm?

A brand or company name is a critical part of its story and must be carefully grounded in the brand’s strategy. When creating a new brand or repositioning an existing brand, every touchpoint should integrate to tell a cohesive story. Pulling one element out of the development can lead to a disconnected narrative.

Our naming is done only after we develop the strategic platform which includes positioning and brand personality, giving us a clear target by which to judge the candidates. The process is rigorous and we work hard to distill long lists down to those most viably on-target. Before presenting name candidates, we run them through a preliminary trademark screen to eliminate direct conflicts. Once a shortlist is determined, we can oversee the full trademark search and collaborate closely with you to envision the brand that each name can become based on the strategic platform.

So, if you do hire a naming-only firm, make sure those developing strategy and all visual and verbal touchpoints are closely involved in the collaboration.

Here’s a sample of our naming work: 

Shutterfly – photo sharing service
Verlasso – harmoniously raised salmon
Rancher’s Reserve – Safeway’s premium meats
Primo Taglio – Safeway’s premium deli line
Elevance – renewable sciences company
Somersaults – healthy snack brand

Coup de Sade – ultra premium champagne
Rafter – software platform for universities
Switchfly – reservations software
Qua Baths & Spa – Caesar’s luxury spa
Three Bridges – refrigerated food line
UME – play space for kids and parents

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