Creative Partner for Progressive Brands

Prosper is doing things differently.

By harnessing the power of technology and marketplace lending, Prosper has created a revolutionary product that is changing the financial landscape. Prosper came to Addis to help create a brand that lives up to the potential of the product and the community they have developed.

Addis started by nailing down the vision and tone of the brand. Anchored around a new brand idea of Helping People Prosper, the branding firm developed a visual vernacular that effectively tells their story of creating a platform where both lenders and borrowers can prosper. The balanced win-win nature of their offering is demonstrated in the symmetry of the stylized S that divides the Prosper name into two equal halves.

Addis also created a brand voice and photography style that speaks to trust and innovation while highlighting the very human, real-world benefits of offering fair rates for both lenders and borrowers.

The result is a refreshed brand that positions Prosper as the advocate of both sides of the transaction and tells the story of Prosper’s groundbreaking mission and product.

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