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Steven Addis at TED2012

From the TED website:

Marketing and brand strategist Steven Addis turns up to show the 15 most treasured photographs in his collection. But these are not the highly produced shots you might expect from one who works in visual communications. Instead, they are the father-daughter snapshots he started as a unwitting project when his child was born. Every year on the same day he heads to the same intersection in New York to ask a stranger to shoot a portrait of him holding his daughter. The series is both funny (at 15, she’s pretty tall now) and moving, while the project, he says, is a cherished, anticipated time. It’s a “way for us to freeze time for one week in October, and to reflect on our times and how we change from year to year, not just physically but in every way.” Touching.

Original article can be found here.

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