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Mighty Leaf Tea

Mighty Leaf is a premium brand of tea that enjoys a loyal following of drinkers who love their whole leaf blends. While the resulting flavor from their distinctive teabags delivered on the inherent promise of the brand name, the shelf presence at retail was diminutive by comparison.

We began by looking to create a greater connection with their product, their brand, and their customers. Consumer research revealed that what drew people to the brand were the robust yet nuanced flavors resulting from the much-loved herbal blends and distinctive whole leaf green and black teas. We elevated the word Whole to be the ownable core idea of the revitalized brand story. Mighty Leaf can rightly stake claim to its evocative name as their Whole leaves provide a fuller, Whole flavor and a richer, Whole tea experience.

For the package design, we started to dial up the impact of the name by stripping down the logo. We refined the wordmark, and eliminated a background “genie” character that compromised its overall legibility and stature. To further underscore the strategy, we locked up the Mighty Leaf logo with “Whole Leaf Tea.” The logo was then centered prominently in the front panel – framed by the flavor name, and a photograph of a dripping actual-sized teabag which dramatically depicts the Whole Leaf, Whole Flavor story.

Response to the new brand redesign was overwhelmingly positive at its launch at the 2016 Natural Products Expo.




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