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Qua baths & spa

Faced with a revitalized Las Vegas hospitality scene, Caesars Palace decided to undergo its own renewal. Their flagship property, the Augustus Tower, was home to a new 50,000-square-foot spa which they wanted to become a coveted destination and key brand differentiator. A series of modern Roman baths would be the focal point of the location.

To create a spa brand that would elevate Caesars and be appropriate for properties worldwide, we reimagined the concept of spa, starting with a brand platform that promised a uniquely immersive experience. We named the brand Qua, meaning “here” in Italian and evocative of “aqua,” or water. The brand’s identity symbolizes the three pools of traditional Roman baths, and brand visuals depict the graceful effects of water. Qua Baths & Spa opened to great fanfare; in its first year, it was named a top ten US spa.





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