Creative Partner for Progressive Brands


In a category with low awareness and consumer misperceptions, Sungevity took the opportunity to define a new kind of offering: solar power accessible to everyone. However, they led with the functional benefits of their offering and didn’t connect consumers to the emotional benefits of sustainable energy.

We delved into their business model and defined and segmented their target audience, identifying each group’s motivations and hierarchy of needs. From this, we built a brand platform that shifted power to the people, and specifically homeowners. We also identified markets with the highest potential for conversions for their sales force. A fresh, welcoming brand identity helped successfully launch Sungevity’s novel approach within the solar category, where they enjoy continued growth as customer awareness increases.




“Addis Creson created an identity that did not just reflect the soul of our company, but helped shape it. Now as we grow, it is uncanny how the brand elements they divined and designed for us stretch to fit around our evolving enterprise, reminding our internal stakeholders of who we are and presenting us to external audiences in an effervescent way. We would recommend working with them to anyone.”

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