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The Colburn School is a performing arts school, situated squarely in the artistic center of Los Angeles. The institution spans all levels of Arts education; from early childhood development in their Community School of Performing Arts, to training the world’s most talented classical musicians in the Colburn Conservatory. They came to us in need of a cohesive brand strategy that would align the many facets of the school under a single purpose, and to develop a visual identity system that signals its differences from Julliard and other peer institutions.

After conducting extensive interviews across their faculty, staff and board, we synthesized a platform that captured how Colburn’s rigorous environment and collaborative ethos enable each student to achieve his or her personal best. The resulting visual identity employs the imagery of a classic music staff evolving into unique sound waves to symbolize the supportive, tailored, and uniquely Los Angeles experience The Colburn School provides every one of their students.



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