Better Place

Better Place is on a mission to deliver the world from its dependence on oil-based transportation. The company is building the infrastructure and partnerships for the deployment of zero-emission electric vehicles worldwide. By enabling one simple change—from pump to plug—Better Place has set out to create positive change on a global scale. Inspired by their ingenuity and optimism, we developed a brand platform and identity that capture the hearts and minds of drivers.

An animated logo represents the transformation inherent in the brand’s mission, while a brand video helps dispel the myths of electric car ownership. By utilizing viral and social media, we helped transform the brand into a global grassroots movement. Better Place went live in Israel in 2010, with Denmark, Australia, California, Hawaii, and several other areas coming online soon.

Project Services

  • brand architecture
  • brand identity system
  • brand platform
  • brand story
  • business strategy review
  • category analysis
  • collateral system
  • competitive audit
  • content development
  • corporate identity
  • environmental design
  • internal & external research
  • mechanical production
  • merchandise & apparel
  • print & online campaigns
  • stakeholder interviews
  • touchpoint analysis
  • video production
  • web design

Area of Focus

  • Social Change
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