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What’s your view on research?

We believe research should inform, but not dictate, strategic and creative decisions. We also believe research is also only as good as the actionable insights that result from the work.

Knowing who your customer is and what motivates them is critical when doing any type of brand creation or marketing work. Our process begins with a deep immersion into your brand, business, and customer. This process can build from existing research documents or conduct extensive primary research. With experience across research methodologies, we build a work plan that fits the unique needs of your brand, your project, your timeline, and your budget.

When using research to validate creative work, whether it’s a logo, package design, or an ad, our point of view is that the process should not be a beauty contest, but rather an evaluation of the fit to the strategy and creative brief. What consumers “like” isn’t always what is best for the brand and business.

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