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H.k. anderson

National Pretzel Holdings, a provider to private label brands, has its own brand called Anderson Pretzels. In spite of being more than a century old, Anderson Pretzels enjoyed very little brand recognition, owing in part to inconsistent design standards. National Pretzel came to us to help them increase Anderson’s brand recognition and compete with market leaders.

We conducted an extensive review of Anderson’s competition, as well as Anderson’s own line of products, to create a new brand platform. Anderson’s history of innovation was critical to the development of their brand strategy and essence, “Idyllic Nostalgia.” The brand name was changed to H.K. Anderson to convey a sense of heritage, and their new brand essence helped guide the redesign of their logo and packaging. A flexible, cohesive visual system ensures the brand can extend to a number of packaging structures, and verbal branding helps connect consumers to the brand’s tradition. The revitalized H.K. Anderson brand was very positively received by retailers leading up to its acquisition by a major national food company in 2011.




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