Creative Partner for Progressive Brands


National Pretzel Holdings, owner of the HK Anderson brand of pretzels, set out to create a completely new snack product that would belong to a single parent brand. From product development to naming to package design, they engaged us in every step of their brand creation.

For our name development, we did a category audit, which pointed us in the direction of energetic names that appeal to adults as well as children. We began by focusing on fairy tales—stories for children with an adult message—as creative inspiration, which expanded into the larger concept of childhood pastimes and games. “Somersaults” captured a sense of playfulness while remaining complex enough to engage adults. The parent brand became Somersault Snack Co. Peet’s Coffee & Tea gave Somersaults a trial placement in their stores; today, Somersaults continues to fly off the shelves at Peet’s and in more than 700 other retail stores nationwide.





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