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Texas Pacific Group asked us to develop a brand for a new company that offers renewable alternatives to the petroleum found in cosmetics, candles, and other products. The company is changing how products are made, but more importantly, they are changing their industry’s future and consumers’ lives for the better.

We began by developing a brand strategy that expressed optimism and a sense of higher purpose. This inspired the brand name Elevance, as well as a descriptor for the new category: “Renewable Sciences.” The company’s brand identity includes a bee symbol to represent innovation, teamwork, and productivity. And like bees, Elevance uses nature’s own compounds to create something new without depleting the source. The company’s founding CEO said our work was invaluable in helping her establish the meaning of their brand in an everyday context.





From the Client

“Our experience with Addis was very valuable. They also did an amazing job of turning around work in a very focused and short time frame.”

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