Creative Partner for Progressive Brands


Prosper is an online marketplace for consumer credit that connects people who want to borrow money with people who want to invest.

While they were one of the pioneers in the developing Peer to Peer Marketplace space, they had been surpassed by similar offerings who either had larger budgets to create greater awareness, or were telling a more compelling story to prospective borrowers and lenders.    

Prosper partnered with Addis to re-think how they tell the story of the unique value they provide, and signal a change by refreshing their aging visual identity.

Starting with their evocative, we developed a positioning that they uniquely help borrowers and lenders individually prosper “by providing financial well-being through access to a fair people-first marketplace.”

Inspired by this brand platform, we developed an optimistic brand identity system that combined “smart and heart.”  The signature element in their redesigned wordmark is the “S” – composed of two intersecting half circles which represent the investor and loaner being brought together by Prosper.




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